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Reimagine with us and Celebrate Resilience!

The Reimagine Conference is for people who care about our communities. 

Trauma and toxic stress are contributing factors to poverty and many of the other problems we are working to solve. In order to create change, we must engage our whole community. This year is our 5th annual conference. An event that is carefully crafted to help you connect with leading experts and provide a wide range of resources, information, and networking opportunities to strengthen your trauma took-kit. 

Reasons to attend:
    • Stay current in trauma, ACEs, and resilience
    • Engage with inspiring speakers
    • Enhance your own self-care and resilience
    • Build relationships with other industry experts
    • Shape trauma-responsive practices in NWI
    • Celebrate healing and resilience
We look forward to seeing you there.


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In Support of CoAction

Poverty affects all aspects of a person’s life, but poverty does not define a person.

CoAction is a safe place for everyone to be who they are, a place where economic status is not the defining aspect of a person and where individuals and families can move from surviving to flourishing.

Through services like rent and utility assistance, resource centers, shelters, and nutrition programs, provide resources that help people meet their basic needs and stabilize their situations.

Through programs like affordable rentals, permanent supportive housing, senior centers, and matched savings accounts, offer opportunities for people to have places to live, places to connect, and means to improve their lives.

At CoAction, we care about everyone.